Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru

Les Amoureuses

Chambolle wines are above all models of elegance and finesse. Though only medium-colored, they emanate voluminous aromas of raspberry, crystallized strawberries, violets and forest undergrowth. In body, these wines are marked by fine tannins and their associated unctuousness. Light in acid, the wines are notable for their meatiness, and the 1ers Crus are highly concentrated.

Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru

The vineyard

Vineyard placement and geology : Situated just below the Grand Cru Musigny, and overlooking the vineyards of Vougeot. It’s a tiny appellation, with poor brown soil that is mostly clay with small stones abundantly present. Les Amoureuses is clearly one of the great wines of the Cote d’Or. Even its name fascinates.
vine age : 40 years on average
Yield and production : 30-35 hl/ha for an average annual production of 750 bottles.

The Wine

Hand-harvested and scrupulously sorted, the wine is fermented in open stainless steel tanks for around three weeks, then matured in oak barrels, with about 50% new oak, for 18 months.

Tasting notes
To the eye : the wine is a deep ruby with noticeable sparkles
On the nose : the wine is initially discreet, which gives way gradually to an intense aroma of violets and subtle spices. At maturity, the range of aromas is immense and enchanting.
On the palate : the wine is rich, silky and of great delicacy. A very feminine wine, it distinguishes itself by an incredible length, lightness and subtleness. Les Amoureuses is above all a vineyard of elegance and finesse. This magical 1er Cru may not have the power of its illustrious neighbor, but it certainly has its grace

Drinking tips
Its profile and delicacy allow it to marry well with the highest class of dishes such as Filet mignon, lamb or … a quiet get-together for two.
Serve at around 16C-17C. Will age well for 7-15 years.